Inspiring story – how to boost your metabolism after 30 and get rid of that belly for good!!

Diana W. (36) reveals how she managed to lose 20 kilos in a very short time with an unusual method. Read the interview with Diana and find out how she succeeded! Her method can be used by anyone, it is so simple, you will be shocked!

– What was your past experience with weight loss?

– 10 years ago, I didn’t even think about the word “overweight”. I never looked like a model, but I was not called “fat” or “chubby” by anyone ever. I started to gain weight in the last few years, which also made me feel worse. Gradually, from my 8th size, I went to 16th. I tried to follow diets from the magazines, but with no real results to speak of, all I lost instead of weight was time and happiness. Most importantly – my self-esteem was damaged. I had already begun to come to terms with the fact that after 35, I was just going to be fat and losing weight is not possible.

– Where did you learn about the Stockholm diet?

– The Stockholm diet was first bought by a colleague. When she told me about a diet, I was skeptical. But then she lost about 7 kilos literally in front of my eyes in two weeks time. I wanted to slim down like that, too! I completed the weight test and ordered an individual diet for myself without hesitation.

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– How did it go, was it easy?

– It turns out – the important thing is not only what you eat, but also – how much and in which combinations. Some food products cannot be eaten alone or in large amounts! For example, chocolate. If you eat it separately, everything will go to straight to your fat reserves, and you will quickly gain weight. But, when combined with products that activate your metabolism, you can eat delicious sweets without fear of weight gain. Depending on what you eat, your metabolism can become faster and faster, burning everything for your energy and it won’t store as fat. The fat rolls on your stomach and thighs just don’t form. I learned all this thanks to the Stockholm Diet. The most important trick – the right combination of food and products in one meal! I followed this principle and I had lost five kilos at the end of the week.

– What would you recommend to someone who is overweight right now?

– If you’re not sure about the need to lose weight, try out this simple exercise. Undress yourself in front of a mirror and in daylight. If you like what you see – congratulations. If not, then I suggest that you begin using an individual diet. This is a unique opportunity to finally reach the body goals you really have!

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