Exclusive interview: Liepa’s Norkevičienė story how she succeed to lose 8 kg with a new method!

The change is obvious. I showed the photos to my husband, and they got him astounded as well “No way…” says fabulous singer Liepa Norkevičienė, after losing 8 kg of excess weight. Read the interview with an artist and find out what you have to do to lose weight in fast and easy way.


– What can you say about your previous weight loss experience?

– Just like the most of us – I easily gain weight and eat too much. Therefore, I’ve tried many popular diets. And I have to say – they did not give me lasting results. Even when I managed to lose a couple of kilos, the overweight came back right after. I have even tried to live just on juices, teas and other liquids for a week, but this did not bring any lasting weight loss, except for made me unhappy and moody. I have also tried a “don’t eat after 6 o’clock” trick and I can say for sure – that’s not a successful nor a longterm solution. And before you even ask – yes, I also tried sports and no – it’s not for me, I don’t enjoy sweaty gyms and forcing myself to do extensive workouts is not joyful for me.

– Tell us, how did you decide to give weight loss another shot?

– I was shocked and disappointed when I saw myself, browsing through some event photos. I did not like what I saw – I looked awful. This shocking realisation got me really upset. Usually on the stage I am together with 2 other girls. Looking at the photos – it just came to me – I was the fat one among them. After marriage, I don’t know why, I started to eat more and my weight grew. This was the moment when I realised – I was not satisfied with myself anymore. I was angry that I couldn’t fit into my old dresses. My husband loves me the way I am, but I wanted to lose weight for myself – I wanted to be truly happy with my body once again. I knew that I had to find something that would help me change. I decided to take a chance on a new weight loss method – Stockholm diet.

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– What did you think about the Stockholm diet when you first saw it?

– I saw comments from people on internet who had tried Stockholm diet. Those weight loss stories were inspiring. I wanted to feel the same happiness as people on the stories. I had a good feeling about it since the very beginning.

– How did the diet go? Was it easy to follow the diet?

– I got a food plan for all the meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner – and also a list of snacks that I could eat between meals. Funny thing – there was plenty of food to eat, more than enough for me. I did not even eat it all. I never felt hungry. Stockholm diet is so different from any other diets – there were dishes that I had never tried before. I discovered new appreciation for food – I absolutely enjoyed this diet. Haha, I have a little confession to make – I cheated a bit too. When my friend announced his birthday party, at first I doubted – should I even go, since I was on diet. But, my Stockholm diet nutritionist gave her approval and let me party a bit and adjusted the nutrition plan. And – amazingly so – my weight kept going down. This live support from a personal nutritionist in every step of my weight loss – something cool that I have never found on any other diet. My nutritionist gave me inspiration, answered all questions, adopted my diet to fit my individual goals and taste…Very easy and helpful, I was surprised to have her support.

– When did you saw the first results?

From the first week I saw how my body is changing and it was the best motivation. There is one thing I will never forget – I went shopping to buy a new pair of jeans and as usual I took the size 16 and it did not fit. It was already too large for me. So, ok, it felt cool, and I tried size 14 and… that was too large as well! So, in the end I bought size 12. Very happy moment. I could not even remember the last time I wore size 12 before this diet. Amazing!


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Comparing my photos from before this diet and photos that I have after the weight loss… it’s so amazing – I couldn’t believe the difference at first. The change is obvious. I showed the photos to my husband, and they got him astounded as well “No way… you didn’t look THAT bad, honey!”

Not only I have lost 8 kilograms, also I sleep so much better. I feel also more energy throughout my day. I’ve developed new healthy habits thanks to Stockholm diet and my body appreciates that. It changes you, your relationship with food and you get happier in general.

– Was it hard to combine diet with job?

– Recipes are very, very simple and unbelievably tasty. It takes around 20 minutes to prepare a meal. I could find the time to do this even in my busy agenda. If, at some days, I didn’t have the time to make food at all, I just chose something similar to my diet plan in a restaurant.

– What would you advice to people who still have an excess weight?

– If you are truly happy with your body, don’t do anything, but just be honest and don’t lie about it to yourself. If you have read my story this far, then trust me– you know there are issues with your body – try the Stockholm diet. Trust me, you will have results, no doubts. It’s very easy, you just have to try it!

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